Sometimes a bodybuilder or fitness competitor will look you in the eye and tell you that 10 months or even a year from then he or she will be on the platform in the best shape of his or her life. More often than not, it doesn’t happen. This may be for any of many reasons. But back in March when Oscar Quezada told me while he was training at Gold’s Gym in Miami Lakes that he intended competing later this year and be in better shape than he had ever been in, I could see that he meant what he was saying. From the look in his eyes, I could see that he was a man on a mission.

Oscar had just finished competing in the Lightweight Division at the Sunshine Classic in West Palm Beach, his very first show, and could only manage a 5thplace in that class. He had missed being in the Bantamweight by just one pound, and therefore had to go up against competitors considerably bigger than he was. That 5th place, though, in no way daunted his spirit to compete at his best in the future. He was intent on being bigger and better and bringing home a 1stplace trophy before the end of the year.

Three months later, Oscar won the Lightweight Division at the Miami Beach Show, and was narrowly beaten by the Middleweight, Delvis Bermudez, for the Overall trophy. Then five months later, Oscar turned up at the South Florida Championships, bigger and even better than he was at the Miami Beach. The Lightweight Class was a tougher one, being a bigger show and a National qualifier, but Oscar again walked away with the Lightweight win. As one judge called it, “Oscar has got the most perfect body I’ve ever seen.” For his overall superb performance and remarkable improvement, SFM has selected Oscar Quezada to be its Rising Star for the month of December.

For the South Florida Championships, Giovanni Pedroso, the ‘99 Middleweight and Overall winner of the same show, trained Oscar. Giovanni coached and monitored Oscar from 12 weeks before the show, and brought him from 175 pounds, to a lean and ripped 154 ¼ pounds.

Oscar said he never plans which body part he will train before he gets to the gym. He just chooses that part when he gets to the gym depending on what equipment is available. His most prominent body part is his abdominals, but surprisingly, Oscar only does one exercise to develop them. Kneeling Crunches for 4 sets of 25 reps is all it takes to get them ready. He does this in the off-season, but omits training abs completely when zeroing-in on a competition. All other body parts he trains twice per week.