These days everybody is “stacking.”  You hear people talking about it in the gyms and in the local vitamin stores.  The bodybuilding crew, fitness enthusiasts and those who just want to lose fat are interested in stacking. What is stacking and what can it do?  Read on.

Stacking is a combination of supplements taken together.  The usual “stack” is called the ECA Stack.  It consists of Ephedrine for the E; Caffeine for the C; and Aspirin for the A.  These supplements are taken in a specific ratio and are used to increase fat loss and treat obesity.  The jury is still out on this but there is an “herbal” equivalent to the ECA Stack.  Ephedrine is replaced with ephedra; caffeine is replaced with guarana and aspirin is replaced with willow’s bark.

This combination of supplements taken together, in the right ratio, promotes thermogenesis (when your body temperature rises and calories are burned), fat burning and appetite suppression.  The ratio that has been found to produce the best results is 10-20 mg of ephedrine hydrochloride; 100-200 mg of caffeine; and 80-110 mg of aspirin.  A baby aspirin is just the right amount or ½ of an adult aspirin.  Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and other painkillers will not work.  An increase in mental alertness and physical performance may be noticed as well as feeling stronger and the ability to lift more. 

The main benefit is the assistance the body receives in burning more calories.  Of greater interest to the bodybuilding community though, is what “stacking” can provide in getting “ripped.”  If you don’t want to have the addition of three more pills to your supplementation package you can purchase the ready made ones such as TwinLabs’ Diet Fuelä, Ripped Fuelä or Metaboliftä; SportPharma’s Thermadreneä; and Cytodyne Technologies’ Xenadrineä.  Make sure there is ma huang present.